The procedure for reviewing of the manuscript in the journal

«Economical and humanities researches of the regions»


Received to the editorial board articles manuscripts are checked for compliance with design articles and accompanying documents with the requirements of the journal.

All incoming to the editors articles are kindly requested to review with a view to peer review. Chief editor assigns a reviewer from among the members of the editorial board, which is recognized expert on the subject of peer-reviewed material. It applies one of two review: unilateral "blind" (the reviewer knows about the author, the author - not) or two-way "blind" (the two do not know each other).

Expert evaluation of the manuscript should be carried out according to the following criteria:

- compliance to the journal subjects;

- does the title of the article  reflects the content and  a subject of  the research;

- the presence of the problem description with justification relevance of its solutions;

- assessment of research objectives;

- the availability and quality description of the material, research methods, and tools used in the study justify the selection of the method of statistical processing and analysis of research materials;

- degree of reliability and importance the results;

- The availability, content and related materials research findings or conclusions;

- scientific innovation and practical value of the research results;

- presence and design of bibliographic list on the basis of the requirements stipulated by the applicable State standards;

- the presence of  references in the text to all literary sources are listed in the bibliography and list of references matching references in the text;

- The presence of information on the organization in which the work was done and complete information about all of the author.

The reviewer also evaluates the structure, content and brevity of abstracts, its conformity to the structure and content of the article, the presence of keywords. The review may contain comments that are subject to correction by the author. Reviewers remarks sent to the author by e-mail. Author corrects notes as long as the editor does not receive a positive opinion of the reviewer. The review should include a general conclusion about the possibility of publication of the article without any corrections or after author correcting of the reviewers remarks, or the impossibility of its publication, and for what reason.

Also assessed the formal characteristics of the articles and the observance of the author (s) requirements for the articles.

The review being written in a free form. The review should include complete information about the reviewer: name, surname, patronymic, academic degree and title, position, information about the institution (name with the departmental affiliation, address, zip code, number, telephone and fax numbers with area code).

The signature of the reviewer should be certified by the Academic Secretary of the Board or a trustee and printing facilities. Review on paper and in electronic form shall reviewer to the editorial board.

The editorial board post on the website of the journal editorial board decision on the adoption of the articles to be published and notify the author by e-mail. In the case of a negative conclusion of the reviewer, the article is not accepted for publication, and the author of the editorial board of the decision sent by e-mail.

Reviews of the received materials in hard copy stored in the version for 3 years. At the request of the Ministry of Education and Science of the review must be submitted to the Higher Attestation Commission and / or the Ministry.

In case of cancellation in the direction of the manuscript provided by the author  the Editorial Board  directs the author  a motivated refusal in publishing.

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