about scientific-theoretical peer-reviewed journal

«Economical and humanities researches of the regions»



 1.1    Scientific theory peer-reviewed journal, «Economical and humanities researches of  the regions» is published in accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of  27.12.1991 N 2124-1 (ed. of  09.02.2009) «On the Media»; Federal Law of 18 December 2006 N 23, the Russian Civil Code. Part Four.

1.2    The magazine is registered by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Mass Communications and Protection of Cultural Heritage of the Russian Federation (Registration number PI number FS77-39740); ISSN 2079 - 1968; Index in catalogs Rospechat 37137; Journal is registered in RISC (www.elibrary.ru).

1.3    The main purpose of the edition - the publication of original research articles of pedagogies, philosophy and sociology, scientific reviews, materials of scientific sessions, conferences, and informational materials of interest to the faculty and researchers.

1.4    The magazine  is published in print form with periodicity 6 issues per year and has an open full-text electronic version, which is identical to the content of the printed form and posted on the Internet site of the magazine at www.cegr.ru after the printed version of the publication.

1.5    Manuscripts for publication in the journal are made in accordance with the «Requirements for publication». The electronic version of «Requirements for publication» posted on the website of the journal www.cegr.ru

1.6    Royalties are not paid. Manuscripts and related materials will not be returned.


2.1. The editorial board consists of leading Russian experts on topical issues of pedagogies, philosophy and sociology.

2.2. Preparations for the publication of the magazine carried an editorial board.

2.3. The editorial board is headed by the chief editor.

2.4. The decision of the editorial board decides whether the publication of articles that recorded in the minutes of its meeting; generated number; published supplement to the magazine; approved by the design of the magazine, is set and, if necessary, change the frequency of the magazine, its format, circulation.


Member of Editorial Board

3.1. Members of the  editorial board are involved in preparing long-term plans for the work of the magazine and the discussion of the content of each issue of the magazine.

3.2. Chief Editor provides coordination of all efforts to complete the cycle of each issue, each issue of the journal endorses.

3.3. Deputy Editor provides registration of incoming materials, review, and correspondence with authors; generates the content of each issue and the training of copyright originals and electronic versions of articles for delivery to the printer; it monitors compliance with the requirements for registration of the manuscript.

3.4. The members of the editorial board have the right to an extraordinary publication of scientific articles in the journal; participate in the activities of the scientific journal, put forward proposals on the prospects of the scientific journal, the need to open new sections, the authors offer scientific publications attracted politicians, practitioners and public figures to be published in a scientific journal; involved as a reviewer of scientific publications or headings scientific journal.


4.1. All manuscripts received by the journal are sent to the chief editor of the journal for review

4.2. By reviewing not involved professionals working in an organization where the work was performed.

4.3. The decision on the appropriateness of publishing the review is accepted after the chief editor.


5.1. The authors present the articles and accompanying documents by e-mail to the e-mail address redsov@mail.ru.

5.2. At all stages of the manuscript and for communication with the authors, edited uses e-mail.


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